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Julien Classen:

  • Keyboards/synths:
    • Clavia NordLead 3 (virtual analog),
    • Hohner Clavinet D6,
    • Korg Tr76 (Sample based),
    • Roaldn XP-30 (Sample based, with expansions: session, orchestral I, techno collection, orchestral II and keys of the 60s and 70s),
    • Waldorf Microwave XT (wavtable, virtual analog),
    • Yamaha DX7 (FM)
  • Software synths:
    • Beatrix (hammond organ),
    • LinuxSampler (and good pianos, rhodes, orchestral brass, mellotron, historic keyboards, Solina and drums),
    • Aeolus (pipe organ/church organ),
    • Hydrogen (even more good drums),
    • Bristol (virtual analog, FM, organ synth)
  • XRay live microphone
  • MAM VF11 (vocoder)

All my synths are directly plugged into my MAudio Delta 1010 LT soundcard. My current recording system is Debian Squeeze, with self-built audio stack and kernel. Julien

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Kevin Cosgrove:

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Peter Lutek

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Frank Pirrone:

 composition, lyrics, and vocals
 acoustic and electric guitars
 bass guitar

The only instrument patched directly into my Behringer EuroRack mixer was a solid-body Yamaha RBX-200 4-string bass, all other recordings were made through acoustic pickup using a Shure SM58 dynamic microphone. This is a good vocal mike, with a good cardioid pattern and nice proximity effects, but a compromise in recording instruments. That having been said, I was pleased with the acoustic guitar results and with the way it grabbed the output of my amplifier.

Here's some specifics:

Ibanez Artstar AS-120 semi-hollow used for all electric parts Line6 Flextone II solid-state modeling amplifier Martin 000-28vs flat-top used on all acoustic parts Yamaha P-120 88 weighted key sound sampled keyboard

Linux distro 64Studio running on a Dell 470 Workstation with 2x3.0GHz Xeon processors, 3GB RAM, 2x10,000RPM SCSI drives in RAID under a PERC/320 buss-mastering controller, nVidia Quadro graphics adapter with 19" digital panel, and Creative Audigy2 audio. This combination of hardware and software are effective for musical work at this level and probably beyond...but I've never been there!

Nothing done in MIDI has yet been contributed to this collaboration, but I use a MidiSport 2x2 interface feeding Rosegarden sequencer to QSynth soft-synth and the fluidr3-gm-gs soundfont.

Audio recordings utilize Ardour under Jack, Audacity, and the usual trimmings. Really great stuff that must surely be among the gems of F/OSS.

There's more stuff in the nooks and crannies including some nice solid-body and acoustic-electric guitars and a couple nice amps including two vintage tube models, a new small-room tube amp, and a small solid-state bass amp with a 15" speaker.

When I use any of that other equipment on future recordings in this project, I'll note that here.

Thanks for your interest, and shoot me any questions or comments you might have.


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Ken Restivo:

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Drew Roberts:

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