Who's Involved?

name: Peter Lutek, a.k.a. plutek
instruments: saxophones, clarinets, bassoon, toys, homemade instruments
styles: free improvisation, avant-garde new music, jazz, klezmer
tools: Ardour, snd, ChucK, JAMin, pd
system: JAD, Acer TravelMate 4000, RME Multiface
location: Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
webpage: http://www.peterlutek.com

name: Frank Pirrone
instruments: guitar, bass, keyboards, recorder (sop., alto, tenor)
styles: blues, jazz, prog, music from my home planet...
tools: Ardour, Rosegarden, Jack, QSynth, fluid-r3-gm.sf2 soundfont
system: Dell Precision 470 Workstation, SMP 2 x 3.0GHz Xeon processors, 2 x 10,000RPM SCSI drives, PERC320 controller, Audigy2, 1GB ECC RAM, running Sabyon (Gentoo) 3.2a, 2.6.22 64-bit kernel, also Ubuntu Studio
location: Buffalo, New York USA not far from Niagara Falls

name: Philippe Hardy (alias Philippe Hezaine)
instruments: keyboards
styles: classic, songs, jazz/blues
tools: Lilypond, Ardour, free-synths,
system: Gentoo-Linux + rt-kernel, Athlon 1.8Ghz, Roland D-70, RME MultifaceII (soon)
location: near Montpellier, France
webpage 1: http://superbonus.project.free.fr/ - the SUPERBONUS collaborative musical show
webpage 2: http://philippe.hezaine.free.fr/ - the file-exchange platform for SUPERBONUS

name: Julien Claassen
instruments: Keyboard, recorder
styles: progressive rock, synth-pop, classical metal (like Bach + metal :>-)), and a bit more
tools: Ecasound, LinuxSampler, ZynAddSubFX, csound, a roland jv/xp keyboard (with additional cards), a yamaha dx7, a Clavia nordlead3, your average mic, a delta 1010lt.
system: Debian Etch with self-made 2.6.23-rt11 Kernel, athlon 1.8GHz CPU.
location: Soest, Nordrheinwestfalen, Germany
webpage: http://juliencoder.de

name: Jeff Mashaw (jmashaw)
instruments: Guitar/Keys/Piano/Voice
styles: I suppose pop though I really enjoy jazz/blues.
tools: ardour, maduio delta10-10, yamaha keyboard, octava mics and presonus mic-pres, taylor and schecter guitars and 1 fender princeton amp.
system: UbuntuStudio 7.10, a random dell with intel inside. ;) (it was a gift from a friend)

name: Kevin Cosgrove
instruments: drummer
styles: classic rock, progressive rock, world music, plenty of odd meter
tools: ardour, audacity, rosegarden
system: Mandriva 2007.0, multimedia kernel, Athlon 64-X2
location: Portland, Oregon, USA

name: ken restivo
instruments: keyboards, fretless guitar, voice
styles: funk, fusion, soul, chillout, ambient, blues
tools: fluidsynth, AMS, PHASEX, AZR3, whysynth, seq24, rosegarden, ardour, hydrogen
system: asus z96f, fasttrack pro
location: san francisco, ca
webpage: http://www.restivo.org/blog/

name: drew Roberts, a.k.a. zotz
instruments: I wish... Harmonica? Bass? Pen and Paper (lyrics)
styles: rock, blues, country, island
tools: Ardour, Hydrogen, JAMin, a bunch of stuff really, I will add more later
system: delta 1010, Yamaha MG16/6FX, Alesis MultiMix8USB, sony vaio PCG-671L, ShuttleX
location: Nassau, Bahamas (Well, the eastern end of New Providence anyway.)
webpage: http://ourmedia.org/user/17145